European Athletics Running For All hits a new milestone

The Tullamore Harriers Quinlan Cup Half Marathon in Ireland had the distinction of becoming the 150th unique race - and counting - to be certified by European Athletics Running For All.

Running shows no signs of diminishing in popularity across Europe. In Denmark, for example, one in three adults run for their well-being and European Athletics strives to be an active part of this all-encompassing movement.

Working closely with the leading experts in the industry, European Athletics has duly developed a comprehensive set of Quality and Safety Standards for road races to adhere to. The certification system gives participants the reassurance that races endorsed by Running For All can offer at the very least the most basic provisions.

“I am very pleased by the rapid progress of Running for All with more than half of European Athletics’ Member Federations playing host to a certified road race,” said European Athletics President Svein Arne Hansen.

“We have worked hard to explain the standards to road race organisers who see the value in having their races promoted across the continent to reach a greater number of runners,” he added.

In total, there are 54 categories which races are comprehensively measured against. Races given a one-star endorsement fulfill the minimum requirements of safety and security for all participants. Races given a three-star rating offer a good level of safety and include a satisfactory level of services to participants, while five-star races offer the highest quality experience and a comprehensive range of services from health and safety to course measurement and timing.

The certification process enables positive partnerships and relationships between everyone involved in running: runners, clubs, organisers, European Athletics, national athletics federations, local authorities, service providers and the media.

The number of races being certified is continuing to grow and there is no upper limit to the number of races which can be endorsed. That is what European Athletics means by Running For All.

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