Introducing the Standards

The European Athletics safety and quality standards for road races act as an assurance for roadrunners throughout Europe. They distinguish between races that respect the standards and those that haven’t sought certification or assessment. They form the foundation of Running for All, a strong recognisable brand for running activities throughout Europe.

The Standards

Three levels of standards encompass all types and sizes of races.

To achieve their standards, we assess races on a total of 54 categories that cover:

How we set the standards

To ensure legitimacy and credibility, and to make sure the standards take account of the needs of today’s runners and race organisers, we have consulted:

Benefits / Users

For runners

For runners across Europe, or any international visitors wishing to take part in an event, the European Athletics Quality Road Race mark is a guarantee and an assurance the race organisers respect the safety and quality standards and have been assessed accordingly.

The Running for All web portal, available in a number of European languages, acts as a central point of information, with a calendar of certified races. With the opportunity to leave race reviews, Trip Advisor-style, it also acts as a long-lasting and growing source of peer-to-peer knowledge and advice.

For race organisers

For race organisers, the Quality Road Race mark stands for credibility, and provides reassurance for runners, host political authorities, member federations, service providers, sponsors and other partners.

It offers additional promotion of the event, the chance to increase and maintain participation levels, and sets certified races apart from events without the standard.

The Running for All web portal acts as the channel to apply for certification and use of the brand in promotional materials, as well as an additional promotional channel for the event. It offers an international portal in a number of European languages for runners to access useful information.

For member federations

Member federations will be involved in the monitoring and approval system for race certifications, and will appoint certifiers for the 3-star and 5-star races. They will promote the system to race organisers, clubs and runners.

This brings closer links to all involved in running and running events within the federation’s country, and additional publicity for the federation and its other initiatives. It also opens up the opportunities for potential partnerships and educational initiatives.

For European Athletics

Our aim is to be a recognised partner in mass participation running, and to be recognised as the natural authority for the running movement. As the owners of the online platform and monitoring system, we are responsible for the education and support of certifiers, and the liaison point between member federations and race organisers.

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