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8. Konjiški maraton

27 Сеп.
Last September’s Sunday is a day for a running event with a beautiful trail – through the Dravinja Valley, past the wine-growing hills, to the tourist Zreče, where it turns and leads back to the foothills of Konjice Mountain through the finish line in the center of the old town of Konjice. The longest route is a half-marathon (21 km), which is complemented by the middle-distance 10 km and recreational 5 km. Children compete on childrens runs – at the Konjiček (little horse’s) Race for pre-school children and the School Run for elementary school pupils.

The Konjice marathon is known for its special care for competitors, genuine homeliness and top-level organization. The gift bag is worth more than the entry fee every year. The event is accompanied by a specialty, Music Marathon, where more than 200 musicians perform at the start-finish line and along the route. Thus, runners are motivated by a new musical point at least at every kilometer of the route, while at the start-finish line there is a true musical spectacle when the medals are given to the winners. The Konjice Marathon is indeed special which is proven by the fact that the Athletic Association of Slovenia awarded it with a special recognition for the organization which has never been given before, as for the first time in the history of Slovenian running events, the Konjice Marathon reached all organizational points.


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