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Run Greece Patra

04 Eki
“Run Greece” is a series of running events that take place annually in certain cities around Greece. With the support of local state partners and our group of Sponsors, “Run Greece” successfully grows year by year and continues its impact on local communities, this, being the epitome of a sport tourism model in Greece.
In 2019, “Run Greece” series was staged in seven different cities of natural beauty and history. The “Run Greece” calendar is divided into the autumn and spring series. The 2020 series will in with Larisa (29/3) and then will travel to Heraklion (5/4), Kastoria (10/5), Ioannina (24/5), Alexandroupolis (20/9), Patra (4/10) and Rhodes island (18/10).
The mail goal of “Run Greece” and the idea behind this initiative is to support the needs of the running community all year long around Greece. Each event consists of a 10km Road Race, 5km Road Race, and a Kids Race, with the exception of Kastoria - Run Greece that also includes a Half Marathon. The “Run Greece” organized by the Hellenic Athletics Federation (SEGAS) like the “Athens Marathon The Authentic” and the “Athens Half Marathon”, therefore shares the same expertise and offers the same quality services.
The constant growth of “Run Greece” contributes to the expansion of the running movement in Greece, and showcases its cities not only at national level, but globally as well. Running on the streets in city centre of Larisa and Patra, along the Heraklion port, by the Ioannina and Kastoria lakes, on the stone alleys of Alexandroupoli, along the Rhodes port, is indeed a running experience for all.

Run Greece Patra 2020 will take place on Sunday, October 4th with first start at 10.00.
Distances : 5k, 10k, Kids Run (1000m)


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